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Evidence as to the Role of Baxter in Producing and Releasing Pandemic Virus Material in Austria.

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97. Baxter Pharmaceutical http://www.baxter.com/ has been chosen by the WHO to lead the efforts in finding a vaccine cure for the swine flu H1N1 virus.

98. This in spite of the fact that Baxter AG, headquartered in Vienna, and the Austrian subsidiary of the pharmaceutical company Baxter International, headquartered in Deerfield, IL, USA, sent vaccine material contaminated with deadly live H5N1 bird flu virus to 16 laboratories in four countries in winter 2009 before a technician caught the mistake. (See Attachment (A) for criminal charges filed at the Vienna City Prosecutor’s office on April 8th, now being investigated by the police).

99. According to Austrian Health Minister Alois Stöger , 72 kilograms of vaccine material was contaminated.

Parliamentary answers 1457/AB (XXIV. GP) May 20th, 2009,

Fragen 14 und 15:

Das für Forschungszwecke bestimmtes Material -72 kg waren als kontaminiert anzusehen – wurde in die Firma zurück geholt und kontrolliert vernichtet.“

100. It is still not clear how 72 kilograms of the world’s deadliest bioweapon can be sent by accident from a high biosecurity facilities, not irradiated and under a false label.

101. However, we know from Baxter itself that it produced the 72 kilograms contaminated material using a wild type live bird flu virus obtained from the WHO reference center.


A statement on behalf of Baxter

I would like to provide the following update to a posting on ProMED dated 25 Feb 2009 (Avian influenza, accidental distribution – Czech Rep. ex Austria: RFI).

The H5N1 strain was the A/Vietnam/1203/2004 strain, received from a WHO reference centre. All information concerning this incident has been provided to the involved national authorities and appropriate international bodies such as ECDC and WHO.

Christopher Bona
Global BioScience Communications


International Inc.
One Baxter Parkway
IL 60015

102. Also, Baxter is the only flu vaccine manufacturer to work with wild type flu viruses, felt to be more dangerous than the altered and attenuated (weakened) viruses other manufacturers use.

103. The Austrian police have launched an investigation into the incident that almost triggered a global pandemic. The mixture of the deadly H5N1 virus with a mix of H3N2 seasonal flu viruses is classified as one of the most deadly bioweapons in the world with a mortality rate of 63 per cent.

104. So, with the Baxter incident in Austria, there is proof that Baxter not only created the disease producing microorganisms with help from WHO, but also distributed them in large quantities to trigger a pandemic, while positioning themselves to produce the vaccine allegedly to “protect” against the virus they created and released, but which,so it is alleged, is actually a disguised way of spreading the biological agent and creating a pandemic.

105. In criminal charges filed against Baxter on April 8th, 2009 at the Vienna City Prosecutor’s office, Landesgerichtstr 11, 1080 Vienna, Austria by Jane Burgermeister, a resident of Vienna, Austria, it was alleged that Baxter unlawfully, wilfully and knowingly, in the period between December 2008 and February 2009, employed manipulative and deceptive devices and contrivances in violation of national and international laws on the manufacturing, possession, release and dissemination of biological weapons of mass destruction and on organised crime, to manufacture and distribute a biological agent that is classified as a bioweapon among the population in order to profit from the pandemic.

106. First, Baxter manufactured influenza material contaminated with a bird flu virus in its biomedical research laboratories in Orth on the Danube in December 2008.

107. Baxter uses BSL 3 (Biosafety Level 3) precautions in its laboratories, a system for the safe-handling of toxic substances, which makes an accidental contamination of ordinary flu material with the dangerous bird flu virus virtually impossible.

108. The 72 kilograms of contaminated vaccine material contained a mixture of a seasonal H3N2 human influenza virus and the deadly bird flu H5N1 virus. By adding a virus of the type H5N1 to an ordinary flu virus of the type H3N2, The H5N1 virus is restricted in its human-to-human transmissibility, especially because it is less airborne. However, when it is combined with seasonal flu viruses, which are airborne and easily spread, a new bioweapon is created.

109. Second, Baxter distributed via Avir this contaminated vaccines using false concealment and a false label to 16 laboratories in Austria and in other countries at the end of January/beginning of February, potentially infecting at least 36-37 laboratory staff, who had had to be treated preventively for bird flu and ordinary flu in hospital.

110. A total of 18 laboratory staff belonging to Avir had to undergo preventative treatment for the bird flu and ordinary flu at the Otto Wagner Hospital in Vienna on February, 9th, 2009, because of their exposure as part of their work to the highly pathogenic bird flu virus.

111. This indicates that, in the opinion of medical experts, there was a risk that the staff of Avir had contracted bird flu, and, unknowingly, acted as carriers of a pandemic virus into the population of a densely built up Vienna city district and in winter time.

112. The material was only discovered when staff working for Biotest (in Konarovice in the Czech Republic), tested the vaccination on ferrets, who then died.

113. Biotest was supposed to test anti-flu vaccination that should serve Europeans during the next flu season, and the labels on the material sent to them from Baxter via Avir gave no indication of the lethal contents.

114. The 13 BioTest staff were treated with Tamiflu and were placed in quarantine for fear they had been contaminated with the bird flu virus, which is on the list of the possible biological weapons and one of the most dangerous biological agents on the Earth with more than 60% death rate.

115. Subsequently the same problem of the Baxter vaccine contamination with H5N1 was found in the laboratories in Slovenia, Austria and Germany, who had received the material from Baxter.

116. First the company Baxter evoked the ‘trade secret” and refused to explain how exactly how a Level 3 biological warfare pathogen found its way into H3N2 material, regardless whether or not this experimental vaccine material was ‘intended’ for eventual use in humans or not.

117. Baxter representatives have said that the material sent to the Czech republic, Austria, Slovenia and Germany was in fact a pure H5N1 sent by accident – maybe to mask the previous assumption, that it was in fact an ordinary flu vaccine, which was contaminated. It is still not clear whether it was in fact the pure H5N1 or contaminated vaccine.

118. The Austrian Health Minister Alois Stöger confirmed on May 20th 2009 that the 72 kilograms of contaminated vaccine material has been destroyed, but no information has been released as to the genetic sequences of the contaminated material or what Clade was Baxter’s H5N1 vaccine from, whether from Clade 1? Clade 2? Clade 3? Other?

119. Therefore, it is not possible to know whether H5N1 resembles the strains circulating in waterfowl.

Was the contaminated H5N1 strain genetically engineered? If so, by whom? Does the NS protein in Baxter’s H5N1 material contain polymorphisms which suppress human interferon production? Was Baxter’s H5N1 a full set of influenza genes? Or was it just the hemaglutanin and neuraminidase? Did Baxter’s H5N1 contain a poly-basic cleavage
site on the Hemaglutanin surface protein? Why were the samples of experimental vaccine material not irradiated?

120. Coinfection of H5N1 and H3N2 would not produce simple reassortment but a complex in vivo recombination of many competing strains in the infected host.

121. Furthermore the complex coinfection of H5N1 and H3N2 in a human would produce natural selection pressure for maximum virulence.

122. The book “Evolutionary Dynamics” suggest that viral coinfection selects for both maximum virulence and infectivity.

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