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“Mammogate” And Thermography

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thermWith the continuing controversy and debate surrounding “Mammogate” here is an interesting alternative that can spot breast cancer years before mammograms and is much safer. Thermography can detect disease and injury by revealing the thermal abnormalities present in the body. Can assess pain and pathology anywhere on the body and is very helpful in monitoring therapy. No radiation – 100% safe for everyone Non-invasive, no injections. Offers privacy – no bodily contact. Thermography is cost effective, risk-free and provides instant images through digital technology. A device developed for Cold War spying might help women detect breast cancer four to six years before it appears on a mammogram. Shelley Gilliland, a certified clinical thermographer for Radiant Health Imaging, uses digital infrared thermal imaging to detect and monitor a number of diseases and physical injuries, including breast cancer.

“It works by showing the thermal abnormalities present in the body,” Gilliland said. “In a single click of my camera, I take over 80,000 temperature readings of the body.

“While not all abnormalities are cancer, all cancers start as an abnormality.”

Medical digital infrared thermal imaging is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that pictures and analyzes changes in the skin’s surface temperature without the use of radiation. While X-rays, ultrasound, and mammography show the structure of the body, thermal imaging shows the physiological activity, such as active inflammation and increased blood supply found in many illnesses.

Gilliland said more than 50 percent of her business is from women seeking an earlier form of detection than a mammogram can offer.

“It is radiation free and there is no contact with the body,” she added. “There is no squashing or compression.”

A scanning device – think an advanced digital camera – is used to convert infrared imaging from the skin surface into electrical impulses that are shown in color on a monitor.

The visual image maps the body temperature and is referred to as a thermogram. The spectrum of colors indicates an increase or decrease in the amount of heat being emitted from the body surface.

Gilliland said since there is a high degree of thermal symmetry in the normal body, subtle abnormal temperature differences are easily identified, and because infrared thermal imaging is highly sensitive to variations in the vascular, muscular, neural, and skeletal systems, it can contribute invaluable information to a diagnosis made by a physician.

The images are then checked by a group of more than 30 doctors for abnormal vascular activity.

“Initially, we take a baseline image. After 90 days, a second image is taken and compared to the first,” Gilliland said. “The doctors look for changes over time.”

Like fingerprints, Gilliland said without a pathological change or injury, the images should stay the same.

In order for a mammogram to detect a breast cancer tumor, Gilliland said the tumor is between six and eight years old and has over a billion cells. However, a thermogram can detect the heat given off by cancer cells multiplying at two years, or 256 cells, before it is even a lump.

“This can give a woman four to six years to get healthier with life style changes and monitor the area,” she said. “In a nutshell it is earlier detection and screening or well care versus sick care.”

Plus a thermogram can be used to help doctors monitor how well radiation treatment is working on a specific tumor, which could mean the difference between a partial lumpectomy and a mastectomy.

Gilliland became interested in the technology after meeting Radiant Health Imaging founder Pam Ryerse. Gilliland has been a nurse for more than 30 years and said overtime she has developed a more holistic and preventative approach, and thermography has become a mission for her.

“I have four daughters; that’s eight breasts that I need to worry about,” she said. “And young women are kind of falling through the cracks.”

While insurance doesn’t cover thermography, Gilliland is quick to point out that mammograms for women younger than 40 years of age are not generally covered either.

“It’s about peace of mind. Knowing that nothing is growing, what is that worth?” she said.


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  • DITI Imaging provides mobile breast thermography clinics. Check out their website for locations & dates!

  • Meditherm.com will provide your with a directory of thermography providers by city & state.

  • Bravo Lynda!!! Very well said and right on!! I own a thermography business in San Antonio, TX and agree with you whole heartedly!! It’s time women make common sense health decisions rather than doing what they are told!!

  • Barb,
    Check out meditherm.com for thermography provider locations by city & state or come to San Antonio and we will be happy to serve you!!

  • Susan R says:

    You can get a thermogram done at LifeWorks Wellness Center in Clearwater. 301 Turner St – Phone #727-466-6789

  • cheryl says:

    Thermography Now has arrived in Jacksonville, Fl. Visit our web-site for more information. So glad to read that more and more women are opting for PREVENTION modalities.

  • Sherri says:

    We provide thermography services in the Houston, TX area as well as in Oregon and Washington. Most of our clients are women who are seeking out a safe way to monitor their health without concerns of radiation or compression. However, it is important to realize that thermography scans provide information for many conditions — thyroid imbalance, diabetes, stroke, heart issues, dental, liver/gallbladder, stomach and colon — the list is very long.

    Last year I had an aha moment when I realized that more women die from heart disease, the silent killer, than from breast cancer each year. Many are affected with diabetes, too. In focusing on breast issues alone, we are missing the mark. Pink ribbons each October encourage us to focus on breast cancer but, when screening with a full body scan, thermography may detect other potentially serious conditions before they get too developed.

  • Sherri says:

    For a list of locations in the US and other areas, visit ACCT (American College of Clinical Thermology). Their website is http://www.thermologyonline.org/Breast/breast_thermography_clinics.htm

  • Sherri Lund says:

    Bridge to Better Health provides thermograpny services in Houston, TX as well as surrounding areas with mobile clinics, including Oregon and Washington. We have clients from Dallas and LA. We’d love to have you, too! 281-655-9300

  • Deception Police says:

    The Institute of Cancer in Chicago is a puppet of the FDA. The FDA in my opinion is nothing more than a medical mafia. The FDA is more ruthless and inhumane than Adolph Hitler or satan. The mission of the FDA is to kill the population off while profiting from the poisonous drugs they instruct cancer doctors to administer to patients.

    Digital thermography works. Putting confidence in an opinion coming from a biased instition like the FDA is not smart. They’ve been suppressing cancer causes and cures for many years, so why should anyone trust their opinion about digital thermography?

  • M. Odette W. says:

    Where can I get Thermography done in Jacksonville, Florida?
    Thank You!

  • Theresa Widmer says:

    Hi, I was wondering if thermography was effective in detecting prostate cancer? My father was ‘diagnosed’ with it 10 yrs. ago, but he refused all allopathic treatments, opting for the Budwig Protocol. We hope he is ok, but still have worries. We hope it was just prostatitis from the beginning. His voice is getting ‘raspy’ again and he is developing terrible hip pain, again. Would thermography detect if this was prostate cancer gaining ground? Thanks so much.

  • Patty says:

    Where in Wichita, KS do you go for these? I am very interested in doing this rather than mammograms. Thank you.

  • Lou says:

    Well said.

    If the good women of this country ever come to realize the tens of millions of them that have been sacrificed on the alter of “mammography” there will be an uprising in this country no amount of lies can still.

    Women please take a little time to study this issue. It is not difficult. What is difficult to accept is YOU have been betrayed. The FDA knows mammograms cause cancer and worse monograms cause breast cancer metastasis. The FDA KNOWS a protocol consisting of primarily thermograms with mammograms as a BACKUP ONLY is vastly more efficacious and inexpensive than the current slaughter by mammograms. The simple truth is the FDA is not working for the women of this country

  • Lynne says:

    Where can I go in Jacksonville, FL– it makes reference to a place, but I don’t see it.

  • Betty says:

    I recent ly did the research about Thermography vs. Mammograms and came to the conclusion that I wanted to switch to Thermography. It is my understanding that if something is spotted with the annual Thermogrphy that then it’s prudent to have a Mammogram.

    There is an excellent resource in the North East called nemedtherm dot com
    The cost is far less than I expected. The base line requires two consectutive visits at 3 months on the first year only and then one time per year. The intial is $175 and the 3 month is $105 ( at this time any way or to the best of my understanding. That includes the doctor who reads the baseline. The website outlines uses other than breast imaging and they evidently travel around New England with their unit.

    It’s time to DEMAND changes in Insurance companies. If anyone started one that would cover all of the alternaive health care I’d sure bale on the Allopthic version. I’m replused by so many of the practices that are no where near scientific.

    Things don’t change until people DEMAND they do… do they?

  • KIm says:

    My name is Kim and I am a certified thermographer.
    I am located at Watson Medical Group in Wichita, Kansas
    I have been doing thermography since 2005. If you would like more information please call 316-744-3400.

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