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Flu Shots Have More Than 250x EPA Mercury Safety Limit

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Babies, Elderly, & Pregnant women receive 250x safe amounts of toxic heavy metals for EACH SHOT

Flu Shots Contain More than 250 Times the EPA’s Safety Limit for Mercury

Anthony Gucciardi

Thimerosal is a widely used vaccine preservative that is present in the majority of flu shots and other vaccines. Thimerosal is 49% mercury by volume, an extremely toxic chemical element that wreaks havoc on the nervous system, neurological function, and overall biological function [1]. Each dose of flu vaccine contains around 25 micrograms of thimerosalover 250 times the Environmental Protection Agency’s safety limit of exposure.

Mercury, a neurotoxin, is especially damaging to undeveloped brains. Considering that 25 micrograms of mercury is considered unsafe by the EPA for any human under 550 pounds, the devastating health effects of mercury on a developing fetus are truly concerning.

Though thimerasol is not entirely mercury, the mercury content is still extremely high, making it very toxic to the human body. Despite highly exceeding the EPA safety standards for mercury content by over 250 times, flu shots are still recommended for children over 6 months and pregnant women.

It seems that the age groups that are urged to receive the flu shot are actually most affected by mercury exposure. Young children, pregnant women, and elderly are the ‘targeted’ demographic of flu shot manufacturers, and these individuals also happen to have the least defense against the elemental neurotoxin mercury.

Dr. Russel Blaylock, a leading neurologist, expains:

A recent study looked at the immune reaction in newborn infants up to the age of one year who had received the HepB vaccine to see if their immune reaction differed from adults getting the same vaccine. What they found was that the infant, even after age one year, did react differently. Their antibody levels were substantially higher than adults (3-fold higher) and it remained higher throughout the study.

In essence, they found that the babies responded to the vaccine by having an intense Th2 response that persisted long after it should have disappeared, a completely abnormal response.

In 2004, the The Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs petitioned the FDA to limit the use of thimerosal in vaccine citing safety concerns. In a reply made public years later, the FDA denied the request despite overwhelming evidence that mercury is harmful to the human body [2] [3] [4].

In addition to mercury, vaccines also contain other toxic fillers and preservatives that have been linked to health conditions such as cancer:

  • Aluminum: Also a neurotoxin, aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease [5] and other cognitive diseases [6].
  • Antibiotics: Various forms include neomycin, streptomycin, and gentamicin.
  • Triton X-100: A detergent that should not be injected into the human bloodstream.

By recommending flu shots to the public, the CDC and vaccine manufacturers are ignoring the warnings of not only major studies conducted by prominent universities, but also the EPA. The EPA’s safety limit of mercury exposure is being exceeded by over 250 times each shot. In addition to a number of other ‘recommended’ vaccines, flu shots are dished out each year to the public, meaning that this exposure increases to 250 times the limit each year. Over a 10 year period, it is possible to exceed the limit by 2500 times simply by receiving a yearly flu shot.

1. Frustaci A, Magnavita N, Chimenti C, et. al; Marked elevation of myocardial trace elements in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. J Am Coll Cardiology 1999;33:1578-83
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6. Krishnan, S. Aluminum toxicity to the brain. Sci Total Environ 71:59, 198

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  • Tracie Pistocco says:

    If this was called a study then either parents sacrificed their babies or it was done without the mother’s knowledge of all the facts. Third world country perhaps? I would really like to know.

  • Lou says:

    So why are NIH, CDC et al pushing these toxic worthless “flu shots” I think the evidence speaks for itself. I hope we are not too intimidated to listen.

    “Pure thimerosal is toxic at the low nanomolar level – an extremely low concentration, about 10,000 times less than the thimerosal concentration found in most vaccines.” Doctor J. Curtis Pendergrass and Doctor Boyd Haley Kentucky University

    “Thimerosal (ethylmercury) found in vaccines, leaves double the amount of inorganic mercury in the brain as does exposure to methyl mercury, the kind of mercury found in fish.” Burbacher, T.M., et. al., Environmental Health Perspectives, Comparison of Blood and Brain Mercury Levels in Infant Monkeys Exposed to Methylmercury or Vaccines Containing Thimerosal, Vol. 113, No. 8, August 2005, p. 1020. http://www.ehponline.org/members/2005/7712/7712.pdf

    “The existing studies, kept on thousands of children for more than 30 years in the tiny West African country of Guinea-Bissau, include over 1 million documents on unexpected vaccine adverse events. Some of the most disturbing records refer to deaths in conjunction with the DTP and MMR vaccines. A single dose of DTP vaccine not only doubled the mortality rate in infants, but more than quadruped the rate after the second and third DTP doses.” Doctor Joseph Mercola MD

    “Studies have found the influenza virus is present in the population year-around; why is it a wintertime illness? Even the common cold got its name because it is common in cold weather and rare in the summer. Vitamin D blood levels are at their highest in the summer but reach their lowest levels during the flu and cold season. Could such a simple explanation explain these mysteries?” Doctor John Cannell Vitamin D Council, Note this is explosive please think about it awhile

    “Researchers at the Mayo Clinic set out to determine whether the flu vaccine was effective in reducing the number of hospitalizations for all children and especially the ones with asthma. The study involved 263 children who were evaluated from six months to 18 years of age, each of whom had had laboratory-confirmed influenza between 1996 to 2006. The investigators determined which children had and had not received the flu vaccine, their asthma status, and who did and did not require hospitalization. Records were reviewed for each subject with influenza-related illness, for flu vaccination preceding the illness, and hospitalization during that illness. They found that children who had received the flu vaccine had three times the risk of hospitalization, as compared to children who had not received the vaccine. In asthmatic children, there was a significantly higher risk of hospitalization in subjects who received the TIV, as compared to those who did not .”

    “A remarkable study published in the Cochrane Library found no evidence of benefit for influenza vaccinations and also noted that the vast majority of trials were inadequate. The authors stated that the only ones showing benefit were industry-funded. They also pointed out that the industry-funded studies were more likely to be published in the most prestigious journals…and one more thing: They found cases of severe harm caused by the vaccines, in spite of inadequate reporting of adverse effects.” NO value in any influenza vaccine

    “Several epidemiologic investigations were conducted over the summer of 2009, and the results are now in. Seasonal flu shot DID increase the risk of catching swine flu Shockingly the US Public Health Service has COMPLETLEY ignored these findings and the flu shot that will be given in the US this fall will be combined with H1N1, which based on the findings above, will actually INCREASE the risk of flu and its complications.” Doctor Joseph Mercola MD ,Note well folks that sure makes the decision on getting the “Flu Vaccine” easy

    “What was a bit surprising when we looked at some of the data from Canada and Hong Kong in the last year is that people who have been vaccinated in 2008 with the seasonal or ordinary vaccine seemed to have twice the risk of getting swine flu compared to the people who hadn’t received that vaccine,” Professor Peter Collignon

    “Some interesting data has become available which suggests that if you get immunized (sic.) with the seasonal vaccine, you get less broad protection than if you get a natural infection, It is particularly relevant for children because it is a condition they call original antigenic sin, which basically means if you get infected with a natural virus, that gives you not only protection against that virus but similar viruses or even in fact quite different flu viruses in the next year. We may be perversely setting ourselves up that if something really new and nasty comes along, that people who have been vaccinated may in fact be more susceptible compared to getting this natural infection.” Professor Peter Collignon

    OK folks this about nails it! We know the seasonal flu “vaccine” does not protect against seasonal flu. We know the seasonal flu “vaccine” about doubles your risk of serious medical problems from H1N1. Now Professor Collignon has shown us what may happen if we continue to take these inefficacious and risk increasing “vaccines” and the PTB decide to release a virus that optimizes the deadly effects of our foolishly “vaccinating” ourselves.

    Please NO NEEDLES until we have honest government, at least.


  • Paul says:

    My daughter was given the h1n1 against mine and my daughters will by my ex who blindly trusts whatever her doctor tells her. As a result my daughter gots terribly sick for almost a month straight. Afterwards she seemed dumbed down a bit. Some have claimed she exhibits the symptoms of Asbergers. I believe among other things she has heavy metal poisoning so ever chance I get I make her a shake and sneak in as much chorella as I think she will not notice. She does seem to show some improvement but she is much later than other children becoming toilet trained and seems more shy than other kids when it comes to talking which makes me think she might have some language difficulties. It might be hard for some to understand but when my daughter was young before all this vaccine crap she literally seemed to glow, especially when she smiled. Now that glow is gone and I’m hoping she can recover to proficiently help this world as it needs all the help it can get.

  • Paul’s example should have other potential parents to discuss exactly how they want their kids treated – emotionally as well as medically. Even if I cross paths with the most beautiful woman, if she says “trust conventional medicine, vaccinate our kids,” I say “you’re not that beautiful.”

  • Mindanoiha says:

    Flu shots which are preserved with thimerosal/ mercury contain 25 mcg mercury (approximately 50 mcg thimerosal), not 25 mcg thimerosal which is stated in the article!

    In addition to the amount of mercury in each dose the actual composition of the vaccines should be considered as substances often influence actions of others which are present.

    One example is when polysorbate/Tween is present with mercury/thimerosal. The polysorbate renders the blood-brain barrier more porous and facilitates passage of mercury through the barrier into the brain.

    One of several reasons why it is unwise to vaccinate small children and pregnant women with vaccines which contain polysorbate and mercury is that small children have underdeveloped blood-brain barriers.

  • katie says:

    where are your citations for the most important parts of your claim? sure, you site articles that support the fact that mercury and other heavy metals are harmful, but don’t site anything directly linked to your claim that “Flu Shots Have More Than 250x EPA Mercury Safety Limit”. in fact, your most recent citation is from 1999!!

    where’s the citation for this ‘recent study’ russell blaylock is referencing?? your whole claim is based on a plea to authority, something any 18 year old college freshmen could tell you is not part of a logical argument.

    also, the sustained th2 response might have nothing to do with the mercury in the vaccine. you draw arrows between dots without any evidence connecting them.

  • jbaker says:

    Chlorella will help take heavy metals out of your body. By researching these topics on your own, you not only educate yourselves, but you educate those around you. After reading many different sources about vaccines and modern medicine you will begin to connect the dots and choose a better path for yourself and those you Love.

  • greg says:

    Didn’t get a flu shot last year and never got sick. Got a flu shot 3 weeks ago and now I’m sick as a dog. Go figure. WORTHLESS!!! And yes, grumpy, migraines, neck pain…these are neurological symptoms, not exactly common with flu!

  • destiny says:

    Being a nurse I find this article very disturbing. First off – the CDC would NOT administer vaccines that are harmful. If anything, they are extremely strict on vaccines. Anyone who thinks they get sick from a flu shot are clearly misunderstood. First off – a flu vaccine has WEAKENED FORM OF THE VIRUS. This is not enough to make you sick. In fact, not even close! The weakened virus makes your body build atibodies – that’s it. Does not get you sick. When your cild is exposed to the flu virus, it’s WORSE than getting the weakened dose of the virus in the vaccine. If you’d rather your child get sick than preventing it… speak for yourself. But this article is a highly UNEDUCATED debate. Anyone who even takes this article seriously is clearly not in the medical profession like I am. Good luck to you all if this is where you get your info from

  • steven says:

    OMG Destiny, you are obviously an idiot.

  • Scott says:

    Mercury isn’t a “toxin”, “neuro” or otherwise.
    How about skipping the Greek mythology? And what
    is the Environmental Protection Agency’s safety
    limit of exposure, and where is that published?

    “The current Occupational Safety and Health
    Administration (OSHA) permissible exposure limit (PEL) for
    mercury vapor is 0.1 milligram per cubic meter (mg/m(3))
    of air as a ceiling limit. A worker’s exposure to mercury
    vapor shall at no time exceed this ceiling level.”

    Granted, inhaled vapor and injected thimerosal
    aren’t directly comparable, but still…

  • Lou says:

    Dear Destiny

    “First off – the CDC would NOT administer vaccines that are harmful”

    Please research the history of the “wonderful” polio vaccine.

    Polio Vaccination is NOT what we were SOLD

    “New studies have found that SV-40, a major contaminant of the polio vaccine until 1963, not only existed as a latent virus for the lifetime of those exposed to the vaccine but was being passed on to the next generation, primarily by way of sperm, something called vertical transmission. This means that every generation from now on will be infected with this known carcinogenic virus. There is also compelling evidence that some polio vaccines manufactured after 1963 may contain SV-40 virus.” Doctor Russell Blaylock MD

    “What makes the SV-40 contamination disaster of such concern is its association with so many cancers – including mesothelioma, medulloblastoma, ependymoma, meningioma, astrocytoma, oligodendroglioma, pituitary adenoma, glioblastoma, osteosarcomas, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, papillary thyroid carcinomas, and anaplastic thyroid carcinomas.” Doctor Russell Blaylock MD

    The Federal government has gone to enormous lengths to cover up this association, despite the powerful scientific evidence that this vaccine infected at least a hundred million people worldwide with this carcinogenic virus.” Doctor Russell Blaylock MD

    “Cancer was particularly unknown until cowpox vaccination was introduced in 1853. I have had to do with at least 200 cases of cancer and never saw a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person.” Doctor C. W. Clarke MD 1909

    “In 1938, the only laboratory animal that could contract polio by experimental inoculation was the monkey. All other laboratory animals were completely resistant to the polio virus, including the rabbit. The researchers could not infect these rabbits with polio — that is, until they lowered their blood sugar in a way that also occurs in humans after they eat sugar. So the take-home message is that if you want to avoid the flu, avoid sugar like the plague. Avoiding sugar is the single most important physical factor that you can address to avoid the flu.” Doctor Joseph Mercola, Note this includes the deadly bio-weapon viruses being thrown at us

    IMO a healthy kid with an intact immune system and NOT full of sugar, is in little danger from polio.

    The “polio vaccine” however introduced the SV-40 cancer causing virus in over 100 million people. The number continues to grow as the SV-40 is passed from parent to child. This vertical transmission has occurred through three generations so far and may continue FOREVER.

    What a bio-weapon this “polio vaccine” was. Even the wild strains of polio can easily be cured with intravenous ascorbate.

    Forced Vaccinations, Government, and the Public Interest

    It is beyond clear to ME that the SV-40 carcinogenic viruses did NOT just happen to be included in the “polio vaccine”, they were deliberately put in to seed a long term population reduction. In fact the more I learn about the development of AIDS the worse this episode gets.

    So the question you HAVE to ask yourself is “Is a SV-40 type of carcinogenic virus contained in the “political pandemic vaccines” being shoved down our throats?” You can probably guess my answer.

  • Sylvia says:

    Dear destiny, the medical professional:

    I thank you for a hearty laugh you provided me when I read your post:

    “the CDC would NOT administer vaccines that are harmful.”

    That is FUNNY! A real knee slapper! Whooooo! And best of all, I really think you believe that! WOW.

  • bug says:

    ethylmercury Thimerosal µg/vaccine dose mL
    sanofi pasteur (FluZone [multidose 12.5µg/0.25 mL]), CSL Biotherapies (Afluria multidose 24.5 µg/0.5 mL dose), NovartisVaccines and Diagnostics (2001Fluvirin <1ug Hg/0.5mL [multidose 25 µg/0.5 mL dose]), GlaxoSmithKline (Fluarix <1 µg/0.5 ml), ID Biomedical Corpof Quebec (FluLaval 25 µg/0.5 ml), MedImmune (FluMist)

    fish and methylmercury http://www.ehponline.org/members/2005/7712/7712.pdf
    exposure levels range from 0.1 µg/kg body weight/day (EPA) to 0.47 µg/kg body weight/day (WHO) http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=9899

  • Katy says:

    In Canada, AGRIFLU contains no thimerosal.

  • Bob says:

    Why don’t you name the exact standard. Reading your first 3 paragraphs, I have to do a lot of math and none of it seems to add up, even though I’m generally skeptical of vaccine safety. Is headlines like this, without the standard behind it to back up what you’re writing that gives these kinds of articles a bad name. Is is 250 times because the standard is one microgram, but you said it’s not 100% mercury, so is the standard 1/2 a microgram. Isn’t clear. If you’re going to make a big assertion, back it up unassailably or don’t write it at all.

    Clarity, then maybe I’ll forward.

  • Bobby says:

    To every one of you calling Destiny an idiot, until you stop believing everything an internet article that is COMPLETELY devoid of references to their “facts” tells you, I can assure you, she is not the idiot. One anecdotal story from an internet user does not equal fact; one non-repeatable study does not equal fact. What is fact is that there are now more people alive on this planet than have EVER existed, and vaccines are responsible for a HUGE percentage of that population growth.

    Thank you for your well-informed input Destiny. May the true idiots die of polio, or tetanus, or small pox, or diphtheria, or hepatitis, etc etc etc . . .

  • Julie RN says:

    This is not true. Since 2001, no Thimersoal has been in any vaccine’s for children under 6 yrs of age. For older children and adults, the amount of Thimerosal in a muti-dose vial is equal to eating a small Tuna Fish sandwich. So, since thimerosal hasn’t been in children’s vaccine’s since 2001 and the Autisim rate has grown, no one can blame the vaccine’s that young infants and under 6 get.

  • Ashley says:

    I’m with everyone who Is against vaccines. I see more harm than good being done by them. Another good website is thinktwice.com/hepb. Or something along those lines. I enjoyed reading the comments. I learned a lot more.
    Destiny. I’m a paramedic and I can see the damages caused by vaccines. A lot of which is from life experience.

  • I never get a flu shot because I never got sick. maybe once in a year. Last week I got a flu shot and now I’m already sick really suspicious…

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